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Lobby a Lord to secure a better future for our local pubs

Written by Tom Blakemore

As early as Thursday 23rd February, the House of Lords will vote on whether or not the law should be changed to provide greater protection in planning law for valued local pubs.

A Clause has again been brought forward by Lord Roy Kennedy which would ensure planning permission was always required before the demolition or conversion of a local pub in England.

Currently this is not always the case, and valued local pubs can be demolished or converted into several retail uses without owners needing to secure planning permission. This contributes to the loss of 21 pubs every week and fails to give a voice to the communities who wish to protect them.

Thanks to the recent efforts of CAMRA members lobbying individual Lords, many influential members of the House of Lords have already indicated their support in this important vote.

We now need the support of our members again to ensure these changes are supported to give pubs the protection they deserve. If we secure a majority vote in the House of Lords, it will then go back to the House of Commons where MPs will also vote on the Clause.

Click here to contact the House of Lords

To give the Clause the best possible chance of being passed, we need your help to lobby as many House of Lords members as we can. Please make sure to provide case studies of pubs which have closed in your local area due to demolition or conversion to strengthen our campaign.

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