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Ask your MP to introduce better business rates for pubs

Written by Tom Blakemore

New controversial business rates which are due to be introduced in England this April have dominated media headlines over recent weeks. While some pubs will see their business rates lower, others are facing an increase by up to a staggering 43% in the first year.

This leaves pubs at a clear disadvantage to their high street neighbours, contributing 0.5% in the nation’s business turnover but paying a significantly higher 2.8% of the nation’s business rates.

On Wednesday 8th March, the Chancellor will be delivering his first Budget which provides us with the opportunity to highlight how crippling the new business rates will be for the pubs industry.

In the short term, it is clear that the pubs industry needs the stability which allows pub owners to be able to keep their doors open and invest in their pubs without fear of being penalised by the tax system. Longer term, the results of this revaluation has proved that business rates are not working for large numbers of pubs. That is why we would like to ask all our members to lobby their MP and the Chancellor to:

  • Support the introduction of a better transitional relief for pubs than the current £3.6m offer to protect all pubs which are facing a significant hike in their business rates
  • An annual £5,000 business rate relief for all pubs currently paying business rates to alleviate the wider tax burden on pubs.
  • A fundamental review of the outdated business rates system which is proving to be unfair for pub businesses across England.

Please click here to write to your MP and the Chancellor of the Exchequer to show your support for a better deal for pubs. While a template e-mail has been set up, we would encourage you to write about pubs in your branch which are affected by the high business rates.

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