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Budget announces conciliation business rate relief for pubs

Written by Tom Blakemore

The Government has recognised that the top end business rate increases are going to seriously affect pubs and have introduced a new temporary £1,000 discount on business rates bills for all pubs with a rateable value of less than £100,000. Although CAMRA has welcomed this relief, calling for it to be made permanent and increased further in future Budgets, it still is a long way off the £5,000 relief we’ve been campaigning for.

While this discount will provide welcome relief for some pubs, not all will benefit as the relief does not apply to the largest pubs so a minority are still faced with very large business rate increases. In our area we have a large number of pubs that are of particular concern, some set to see increases of up to 280%.

Colin Valentine, CAMRA’s National Chairman comment: “While this is welcome news for most pubs, some of the largest pubs will be excluded from the new relief. CAMRA is calling on local councils to use the new discretionary fund announced today to support those pubs that will still be hit by massive business rate increases over the coming years.”

South Herts CAMRA will continue to campaign hard to secure a viable business rate for pubs, supporting and work with the Save St Albans Pubs Group and indeed other groups in the branch area to ensure both a fair deal for both pubs and drinkers.

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