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Outside of the Box at Paradigm

South Herts Branch’s recent trip to the excellent Paradigm brewery in Sarratt led to some unexpected collaboration work over a pint or two at the brewery. Well known for their humorous use of corporate buzzwords to name their beers, when brewer Rob Atkinson described a new beer that was almost ready to be sent out to the pubs a South Herts wag said “Blue Sky Thinking”.

The brewery soon tweeted: “Thanks to our friends at @SouthHertsCAMRA who came and visited on Saturday morning we now have a name for our new summer special… ‘blue sky thinking’… an easy-drinking 4% ale with sunny Wa-iti hops and elderflower in the boil.”

So, with beers like Low Hanging Fruit, Win-Win, Heads Up and FYI already on the Paradigm list, if we can “run one up the flagpole” how about “Elephant in the Room” for a majestic stout?

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