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Foragers at the Verulam Arms closes

Written by Steve Bury

The Foragers at the Verulam Arms, Lower Dagnall Street, St Albans who as well as doing a very imaginative menu brewed their own beer has unfortunately closed. I am sure there were a lot of reasons why it has gone into liquidation not least being the 104% business rates hike imposed two years ago. Below is a message from the licensee.

“It’s been an amazing 8 years, but we are devastated to announce that The Foragers has ceased trading due to insolvency. We closed the doors today, and they won’t reopen until the pub has found new management. Hopefully that won’t be too long.

To everyone who has purchased or been given vouchers which they have not yet redeemed, please be assured we have provided the administrators in charge of liquidation with a detailed list of everyone who is owed money, and everyone who has an outstanding unredeemed voucher. They will be in touch with everybody between 2 and 3 weeks from now, I believe, to discuss repayments. I’m sorry that you all had to find out from that rather unforgiving article before we had a chance to contact everybody to make the announcement ourselves. The paper somehow got the news before we had even spoken to our landlord or notified some of our own closest friends and colleagues.

Also, completely apart from to the question of a reimbursement, now ex-head forager Richard would also love to take you on a foraging walk at some point, personally and free of charge. He can’t provide all the food and drink that the pub would have offered, but it’ll still be a fun and informative experience. Bailiffs can’t repossess knowledge and enthusiasm!”

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