Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from South Herts Branch

Written by Les Middlewood

Hertford yarnbomber, Gill Saunders, spotted local CAMRA members knitting a familiar pose in a Hertford hostelry (or two). But who could they possibly be?

Answer on a Christmas card please (or to be found at the foot of this post).

This year’s Hertford Christmas Yarnbomb resulted in the marvellous Advent Calendar Tree that can be found outside the White Hart in Salisbury Square. To find out more and make a donation to the yarnbombers’ favoured charity, Herts Young Homeless, go to https://www.ssohc.co.uk/

Answer: The culprits revealed:

(Why, ’tis Les, Brian and Joe – uncanny likeness, we fear!)

And 2020 approaches:

As well as the campaigning challenges that will no doubt emerge post-General Election and during 2020, we hope to soon have another year of exciting pub, festival and brewery visits lined up for you, a special 25th St.Albans Beer and Cider Festival in September, pub award presentations, some ad-hoc events and, of course, more engaging and entertaining speakers at our Branch Meetings.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all from South Herts Branch.

Les Middlewood
South Herts Branch

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