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Presentations at the Six Bells

John Bishop, South Herts CAMRA (L) and Alan Oliver, Six Bells (R)
Written by John Bishop

On 28th February CAMRA members and locals alike packed the Six Bells St Albans for two important CAMRA awards.

The first to the see the 3 Brewers of St Albans receive their Silver medal award for East Anglia Strong Ale of the Year. The brewery was founded in 2012 to brew “Radically Better Beer”. The award for Special English Ale (4.7 ABV)  was presented by St Albans Beer & Cider Festival Organiser, John Bishop who described the beer as “a robust and full bodied premium ale made with chocolate malt and choice English hops and packed with flavour”.

John Bishop, South Herts CAMRA (L) and Mark Fanner, 3 Brewers of St Albans (R)

Alan Oliver from the Six Bells then stepped forward to receive the Bronze medal award in the 2020 South Herts CAMRA Pub of the Year competition. John praised Alan and the team at the Six Bells for their excellent quality beer, service, community focus and sympathy with CAMRA aims. Despite tough economic times and huge business rate increases the Six Bells continued to thrive because of its commitment to high standards.  He reminded the assembled throng that the Six Bells was the only pub that day open in St Michael’s Village and that drinkers must continue to use their pubs or risk losing them.

John Bishop, South Herts CAMRA (L) and Alan Oliver, Six Bells (R)

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