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Take part in our May 2020 #PullingTogether Quiz

Written by Iain Loe

This month’s quiz is slightly different. We’ve shortened it to five rounds of five questions on a range of topics but mainly CAMRA, beer and brewery related questions. One of the rounds is also a picture round! Hopefully more of you will manage to get through all the questions and enter this month’s Quiz, even if you haven’t got all the answers.

If you didn’t enter last month give the quiz a go this time, it will help to fill in some time and you may end up as South Herts Mastermind!

The quiz goes live at midnight on 1 May 2020. Please ensure your entries are in by close of play on Wednesday 27 May.

Visit our #PullingTogether Campaign Page
Visit CAMRA’s #PullingTogether Campaign Website

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