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Government should announce pub reopening date

Written by Steve Bury

It is no surprise that beer sales have dropped to their lowest level in two decades following the pub closure by the government on 20th March.

A lot of breweries have scaled down operations or ceased brewing altogether during the lockdown and will need time to restart production and deliveries. Although canned and bottled beer has been available through off sales and certain areas have had a good response from pubs selling take away draught, beer overall sales of beer are down 7.2%.

The British Beer & Pub Association have suggested that it will take up to three weeks to get pubs ready to serve a full range of beers so the government need to announce a re -opening on 4th July no later than Friday 13th June.

In optimistic mood Mc Mullens and some other brewers have started brewing again, it takes a minimum of seven days to produce proper real cask beer but un broached casks can be stored to mature.

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