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Pre-festival socials

Written by Ben Wilkinson

Want to try some great beers, experience some fantastic local pubs, and get to know fellow Festival fans, ahead of the main event? Come and join us on one, some, or all of our pre-Festival socials – taking place not just in St Albans but other nearby towns too!

The idea is to cover as many pubs in each area as possible. We use these trails to inform local publicans about the Festival – with the option to enjoy a swift half (or a soft drink) in each establishment.

They are great fun, an opportunity to see pubs you might never otherwise get to, and a chance to meet fellow beer fans and make new friends. Feel free to come on your own, as a couple, or bring along a group of mates. We’d love to see you.

If you’re interested in joining us on any of these occasions, please just turn up to the meeting point pub at the time stated. And if you’re a Facebook user, you can also register your interest on the relevant Facebook event, so you get an automatic reminder and notifications of any updates.

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