Pub & club awards

The following pubs have been awarded South Herts Pub of the Year.

2021Robin HoodSt Albans
2020Old Cross TavernHertford
2018Old Cross TavernHertford
2017MermaidSt Albans
2016No winner – competition realigned
2014Crooked BilletWare
2011Old Cross TavernHertford
2009Six BellsSt Albans
2008Old Cross TavernHertford
2007The WoodmanWildhill
2006The White LionSt Albans
2005The WoodmanWildhill
2004The Carpenters ArmsHarpenden
2003The WoodmanWildhill
2002The WoodmanWildhill
2001The Carpenters ArmsHarpenden
2000Old Cross TavernHertford (joint winner)
2000The WoodmanWildhill (joint winner)
1999The Old Cross TavernHertford
1998The Farmers BoySt Albans
1997The WoodmanWildhill
1996The WoodmanChapmore End
1995The Lower Red LionSt Albans
1994The White HorseHertford
1993The Lower Red LionSt Albans
1992The Gibraltar CastleHarpenden
1991The PloughTyttenhanger
1990The GaribaldiSt Albans
1989The John BunyanColeman Green
1988The Farriers ArmsSt Albans
1987The White HorseHertford
1986The WoodmanWildhill

The following pubs have been awarded South Herts Cider & Perry Pub of the Year.

2022MermaidSt Albans
2021MermaidSt Albans
2020MermaidSt Albans
2019MermaidSt Albans
2018MermaidSt Albans
2017MermaidSt Albans
2016MermaidSt Albans

The following clubs have been awarded South Herts Club of the Year.

2022North Mimms Social ClubWelham Green
2021Hertford Club (joint winner)Hertford
2021Royston Social Club (joint winner)St Albans
2020Hertford ClubHertford
2019Hertford ClubHertford
2018Hertford ClubHertford
2017Hertford ClubHertford
2016Hertford ClubHertford
2015Hertford ClubHertford

The following pubs have been awarded South Herts Most Improved Pub.

2018Robin HoodSt Albans
2017Prae Wood ArmsSt Albans
2016Great NorthernSt Albans
2014GaribaldiSt Albans
2013Black HorseHertford