Last updated: 2 June 2020

It’s crisis time for our pubs, clubs and breweries.

The Government have ordered pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes to close until further notice. If our local pubs and clubs are to survive they must seek other ways to carry on their business.

Some are now offering off-sales deals including their real ales. Some have gone further and are offering take-away deals from their food menu.

We would encourage everyone to use these take-away and/or delivery services safely along the lines that the Government have suggested. You can find details of your local pub on the CAMRA website whatpub.com.

Some pubs in our branch that are offering take-away services include –

We will try and keep this list as up-to date as possible as we hear of more pubs taking on the initiative. If you know of a pub that isn’t listed please let us know.

One other way to help pubs over what will be a temporary, but long, cash flow crisis is to pay a little now and support the pubs they love in return for pints or meals in the future. See crowdfunder.co.uk/pay-it-forward.

Our local breweries are also offering off-sales either on a collect basis or delivered to the customer’s door. See below for a list of links to brewery contact pages. Please contact the brewery to confirm arrangements before visiting.

Continue to support your local pubs and breweries through this difficult time. Together we can get through this crisis.

Petition to cut beer duty

South Herts CAMRA is supporting a petition calling for the Government to cut beer duty for at least 12 months, so pubs can survive after the current crisis.

Pubs will need help to rebuild their business. Cutting beer duty for at least a year will ensure the price of a pint can be dropped which in turn will help get more people back to the pub.

Click here to sign the petition

Monthly Quiz

This month’s quiz is a mixture of general knowledge with a smattering of beer and CAMRA questions. If you didn’t enter last month give the quiz a go this time, it will help to fill in some time and you may end up as South Herts Mastermind!

The quiz goes live at midnight on 1 June 2020. Please ensure your entries are in before the end the month.


We’ll keep track of your wins to make more of a competition of it. You’ll receive three points for a win, two points for second place and one point for third place. We’ll also keep track of your total score in case of a tie.

Click here to view last month’s questions and answers

Name Score Points
Dom Harlow 63 4
Alan Southgate 24 3
Peter J Anderson 23 2
Carol Brazier 40 2
Bob Norrish 25 1
Colin Ridgway 10 0
Clive Smith 7 0
Mark Lee 4 0


Whilst pubs are closed our monthly newsletter Pints of View is has gone online and will be known as CAMRA Pulling Together.

Read the current issue – Issue #2 June/July 2020

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Staying up to date

To stay up to date with what pubs, clubs and breweries are doing in our branch area please bookmark this page, regularly check our dedicated #PullingTogether Campaign News Feed and follow us on Twitter.

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