August 2020 Quiz Answers

No. Answer
1 Some Like It Hot
2 The Maltese Falcon
3 Back to the Future
4 Casablanca
5 King Kong
6 Carlsberg Brewery gave Neils Bohr a house
7 James Prescott Joule
8 Francis Crick ( accompanied by James Watson) in the Eagle pub.
9 Louis Pasteur at Whitbread Brewery, London
10 Dr John Snow
11 John Groves
12 Brickwoods
13 Davenports
14 Rayment & Co
15 Paine & Co
16 EMI developed the computer tomography (CT) machine that helped Godfrey Houndsfield win the Nobel prize. The Parlophone record label on which the Beatles recorded is owned by EMI. Some say that the profits EMI made on the Beatles funded the CT development!
17 The 78th Tour de France, start and finish points.
18 Location for England’s cricket test matches against the West Indies and Pakistan.
19 The total number of eyes on the court cards in a standard pack of playing cards.
20 The number of snooker balls of each colour that need to be potted to score a maximum break of 147.
21 8 imperial gallons
22 8 quarts, 2 gallons or a quarter of a bushel
23 22 yards
24 5.5 yards a quarter of a chain.
25 A third of an inch.

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