Young members

CAMRA is very proud of its hugely diverse 185,000+ membership which covers all ages, backgrounds and both sexes.

All those aged 18-30 inclusive are defined as Young Members. Whilst 13% of the UK’s population is aged 20-30, around 11% of CAMRA’s total membership is aged 18-30. That’s about 20,000 Young Members and all these are automatically part of CAMRA’s Young Members Group.

Here, you can find out how to get involved in the Group in South Herts branch, how you can get in touch with other Young Members in St Albans, Hertford, Ware, Harpenden, or wherever you are in our Branch area, how to join the Facebook Group and what social events are taking place. Help shape the future of the campaign!

A little bit about the Group

The Group is all about enjoying real ale. It campaigns on issues affecting young Members and encourages the choice of real ale among young people even if they are not CAMRA members.

Young Members are encouraged to join CAMRA social activities and become involved at local level, such as at beer festivals, brewery visits, and special pub walks and tours.

Join us on social media

To keep up to date join CAMRA’s East Anglian Young Members Facebook Group to see the many varied events that are organised nationally and locally.

Additional links you may be interested in can be found on

If you wish to start or join a discussion about your best and worst pubs, beers, breweries, socials, campaigns and other beery stuff in South Herts then this is an ideal forum.

For further information

For more information on Young Members contact the branch Young Members Co-ordinator Meaghan O’Neal.