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St Albans Food & Drink Festival 2018

Written by Tom Blakemore

Nominate your favourites for St Albans Food & Drink Awards 2018!

The award categories are…

Best Restaurant for a Special Occasion:

A venue that serves excellent food at lunchtime and the evening with that elusive ‘wow’ factor to help you celebrate in style.

Best Restaurant for Everyday Dining:

A venue that serves good food at lunchtime and the evening, and offers a more formal dining experience than a café.

Best Pub:

A good pub is a community focused venue that serves up a range of good food and drink in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Best Bar:

A venue with a diverse and creative drinks menu, perhaps including cocktails, created by knowledgeable staff.

Best Café:

A café is a venue that serves meals and drinks during the day in a comfortable and relaxed environment.


Best Hot Beverage:

The best place to get a hot beverage to drink in or on the go.

Best Local Producer:

A local producer is a business in the St Albans District that produces or uses raw ingredients at the heart of their business. Previous winners include brewers, bakers, cider makers, cheese producers, farmers etc.

Best Food & Drink Shop:

A food or drink shop is a venue selling food or drinks of all types for people to purchase and take home.

Best Market Stall:

A stallholder must have traded food or drink goods at a minimum of 6 Charter or Farmer Market’s in St Albans or Harpenden in the last 12 months. The goods can be sold from a market stall or a catering van.

Best Takeaway:

A takeaway is a venue that allows people to purchase food and/or beverages to be taken away to consume off site.

Best Place to Do Business:

A venue providing facilities and support to business people to conduct meetings, facilitate remote working and support networking opportunities.

Most Family Friendly:

A Family friendly venue that goes that extra mile for children and young people making their experience more enjoyable while presenting a varied children’s menu.

Best Newcomer:

A newcomer is a venue, person or business who has started trading since July 2017 and have had an influence within the local community.

Kate D’Arcy Award:

This Award is a special award in memory of Kate D’Arcy, a much loved restaurateur who died in June 2010. This award is for a person who has exceeded normal expectation by providing outstanding service and delivering a faultless experience. Previous winners include waiting staff, restaurant owners and local campaigners. Any individual can be nominated.

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