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Next steps for revitalisation

Written by Tom Blakemore

Conference in Bournemouth will be used to shape the revitalisation proposals before final recommendations are presented at Members’ Weekend in Coventry in 2018.

The National Executive has confirmed that all members will get the chance to have the final say on the Revitalisation Project proposals before they are presented at Members’ Weekend in Coventry in 2018.

This year’s Conference in Bournemouth in April will be used as a consultative body to discuss and consider the proposals made by the Revitalisation Project Steering Committee. All members attending the weekend meeting will get the opportunity to help shape the proposals and start the process to develop the strategy to implement them.

The National Executive is committed to making sure that the Revitalisation Project continues to be inclusive and democratic.

To stand the best chance of influencing the Revitalisation Project outcomes we encourage you to attend Members’ Weekend in Bournemouth this April.

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